Reliance Consultancy

Reliance Consultancy is an independent consulting firm providing business and accounting services.

Our associates and consultants have wide experience in business administration, finance, tax and auditing gained in multinational organizations and qualified experience in professional practice.

Being a small firm allows us the flexibility to provide high-level services at favourable rates for our customers. In fact, at Reliance Consultancy we share our clients’ focus on profitability and costs control. Not only do we strongly commit ourselves to providing cost-effective services but we also aim to help our clients to improve efficiency through better internal control processes.

Thanks to our multilingual team we can handle assignments in English, Italian, Spanish and French speaking countries. We are in particular earning a fast-growing reputation for our accounting and tax services dedicated to SME looking to start their venture in the UK and to “expatriates”, both professionals and limited companies, who are living and registered in the UK. LINK to Accounting & Tax Services.